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Craig Griffin - Managing partner

Craig has 28+ years in healthcare as a provider, an entrepreneur, and a software designer.  His entree into healthcare as a paramedic and 1st responder in southern California prepared him to exercise his entrepreneurial passions as co-founder of Optimus EMR, Inc.  As Cofounder of Optimus EMR, Inc., Craig served as a board member and Senior Vice President of Operations, ultimately assisting with the successful sale of the company in 2015.  It was the combination of these experiences that sparked his personal and professional evolution as a leader and ignited his passion for helping other leaders refine their skills and lead well. 

As a side note, Craig has served on boards of both non-profit and private sector corporations.  Along with graduating from UCLA's Center for Prehospital Care, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University.