Are your leaders leading with intentionality?  Have they given thought to their inherent strengths and what allows them to lead effectively?  The challenge for all leaders is to be lifelong learners, and more specifically, continual learners on the art and science behind leadership and influence. Every leader deserves an unbiased coach dedicated to growing them as a leader.

  • Leadership assessment - 1/2 day or 1-day workshop on group dynamics within your leadership team.  The evaluation includes strength profiling and a  discussion of how to best work with the diverse strengths of the team.
  • Custom coaching plan (6, 9, 12-month engagements) - A customized program tailored to the leader's strengths, team dynamics, and situational needs.  Sessions take place through video conference or face-to-face meetings monthly.
  • Team building (Remember, your leadership team is team #1) - It is essential to understand what we value corporately (as a team) becomes our culture.  Establishing the values of a high performing team at the leadership level creates a culture of top performing teams for all to model.
  • Strategic planning - We all approach our respective businesses with a set of assumptions.  Those assumptions can sometimes prevent us from the breakthrough innovations and strategic plans that lead to competitive advantages.  An outsider, unencumbered by those assumptions can be the catalyst needed for strategic planning.
  • Startup and Business Plan Creation – You have a fantastic idea, and we have consultants with startup and entrepreneurial experience that will set you up to succeed from the beginning.  We provide business plan creation, refinement, strategic planning, and organization development.
  • Efficiency evaluation and process improvement - Providing a top-down assessment with a fresh set of eyes that specialized in operational inefficiencies and process improvement can be critical to breakthrough innovations.
  • Keynote/Corporate Events - Tailored content for your industry with a consistent focus on leadership, team building, and creating high performing teams within your organization.